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Powells Crossroads is a gateway to the Sequatchie Valley from Chattanooga along the scenic and winding Suck Creek Rd. (TN-27), which passes over Walden’s Ridge, through Prentice Cooper State Forest, and beside the Tennessee River. This historic route along Suck Creek Road has been used for centuries, including during the Cherokee Removal and Civil War. Powells Crossroads formed after World War I, when veteran Foster Powell built a small store, garage and other shops at the crossroads, which then attracted other businesses. The town was incorporated in 1976.

Sue Bob’s Diner offers hometown cooking right in the heart of Powells Crossroads. The owner, Patty Henry, serves locals and visitors who are in town hiking along the Cumberland Trail and in Prentice Cooper State Forest or traveling between Chattanooga and the Sequatchie Valley.

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