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In 1816, Charles Love of Virginia sold 30 acres of land on the Sequatchie River to Bledsoe County to establish the town of Pikeville. Located on the stage route from Knoxville to Huntsville, Alabama, the town developed as a trade and supply center for farmers. The Old Town Spring in the center of town (located behind the historic Ross House Medical Museum) was the main source of water for the town until about 1920.

Pikeville is rich in opportunities to enjoy the natural landscape and historic character of the timeless Sequatchie Valley. Located just 15 minutes from Tennessee’s most-visited state park – Fall Creek Falls State Park – this historic community features a quaint downtown anchored by the county courthouse and Veterans Park, and filled with locally owned restaurants, a Saturday Farmer’s Market and historic structures that date back to the town’s founding in the early 1800s. Just a few miles outside of town, visitors can purchase seasonal produce at a number of farms within the Farm District on Dayton Mountain, including Oren Wooden’s Apple House, and experience Sequatchie Valley on horseback at Tennessee Dude & Guest Ranch.

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